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E-Book: How to Create Textile Collections

I am very happy to introduce you my first E-book in English where I have compiled my experience in Digital Textile Design during the last years, to share with you the theoretical process about how to create textile collections with identity.

Based on my experience, I have created this E-book to help you find your own style and start designing unique and meaningful textile collections, as well as understanding the latest trends around the world.

In this E-book I will not teach you the process of creating patterns in Photoshop, but we will see the theoretical process about the steps to follow for you to understand how to start organizing your ideas to create powerful textile collections.

*Extra Bonus: I will include for you a list of Textile Printing companies in Europe to print fabrics in Cotton or Polyester from 1 meter

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Includes 38 pages in PDF, practical exercises and homeworks. Extra Bonus: Includes a list of textile printing companies in Europe. Promotional Price: 39,99 USD. Regular Price: 49,99 USD

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If you have any question, please write to me to hello@danielapereznagel.com

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About me

Hello! I am Daniela Pérez Nagel. Designer with a major in Industrial Design at Diego Portales University of Chile and I have studies at RMIT University Australia and LCI Barcelona about Textile Design. With more than 10 years of experience in design, I have specialized in entrepreneurship, Digital Textile Design, illustration, products and prints for different surfaces and brands. I am a Creator / Teacher of face-to-face and online courses about Digital Textile Design, Entrepreneurship and Brand Creation.

From 2011 to 2018 I was owner of a interior design store located in an importan Shopping center in Santiago, Chile. Since 2018 I was living in Budapest and then in Milan until the beginning of 2020, where I worked as a textile designer and professor among other places at Accademia del Lusso Milano, an important design school in Milan, Italy. My passion is everything related to design, art, colors, patterns and textures. I am very passionate about teaching and opening creativity to people from different parts of the world.

The last 2 years I had the amazing oportunity to work as a Textile Design Professor in: Vienna, Budapest, Munich, Berlin, Milan and Rome.