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How I found My passions

Today I would like to share about how I discovered my passions in life. Not always has to be the same passion or just only one. I think you can change and discover several times a new way to express yourself and your creativity and no matter your age or process in life.

In my case I knew that I wanted to be designer when I was very young. I am from Santiago, Chile where I was Founder of my own Interior Design Store since I had 25 years old.

In 2016 I felt that I needed a change so I went to live for first time outside Chile.

I went to Australia where I had one of the best experiences of my life. I also discovered there my new passion: the amazing world of patterns! When I studied Digital Textile Printing at @rmit in Melbourne. I also worked in an important Australian brand of Design: @sofasoul where I learned experience of the last trends in textile in the world. Since then I have fusionated all my passions and I started to create my own fabric collections by my name @danielapereznagel .

In the last few years I’ve discovered 2 new passions in my life: Textile Design and Teaching. I think makes me very happy to share knowledge and open the creativity in others. That’s why I have been organizing Workshops in different countries to teach Digital Textile Design (Budapest, Vienna, Munich, Milan). I think is always important to keep learning so I took a course about textile printing at @lci_barcelona . Currently I am living in Milan, in the center of design in the world, open more my creativity, teaching Digital Textile Design and doing classes at @accademiadellusso . And of course, enjoying life! I hope all of you could find a real passion in life because one friend told me that when you discovered your passion, you have a super power. And I think is totally true! And you? I would like to know: what is your passion??

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