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How to make your own scarf?

💙💙💙How to make your own scarf? 😍😍First, you have to make hand drawings with motifs that you like ❤🌺🍃 (flowers, leaves, etc). To make the drawings you can use pencils, markers, watercolors, acrylic, etc.🎨✍🏻🖌 Mix techniques are suitable for this process. After that you have to take a picture or scan your drawings 📠📸and edit them in Photoshop💻 to make the composition of the scarf💕💕🧣. The final and most important step is to send to print the scarf on fabric! 🖨💜Once you have your scarf printed you just need to make the sewing…. And it’s Done✔!😍😍😍 If you want to know more details about the whole process, including the world of digital textile design, you can join to one of my workshops. More information:
👉🏻On te pictures:
👉🏻The first scarf is made by me @danielapereznagel 👉🏻The talented girls drawing on the pictures are: my talented student @dimitra_prlp and my new friend and collaborator @ekhilore (very soon we will see her beautiful scarves printed on fabric)
👉🏻The printed scarf on the last picture is from my amazing student @mgpiana


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